Hello, and Welcome!

Welcome to my Website, where you can learn more about me, explore my music, and consider supporting me as an independent musician.

I am a composer who has a special interest and passion for the Baroque era. I began pipe organ lessons in 2008, at the age of fourteen, and once I was introduced to the music of Bach, I knew what I wanted to dedicate my life to: Baroque music.

Despite taking lessons on the piano, harpsichord, and pipe organ, in my early college career it was clear that I did not have what it took to become a Performance Major. Writing music was less of an effort (or so I thought back then!) and so I became interested in majoring in Music Composition. I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in 2018 from the University of Southern Maine. My instructors have all been helpful, supportive, and encouraging musicians. At the piano, I have studied with Sean Fleming (who also gave me lessons for the pipe organ) and Anastasia Antonacos. My instructors for harpsichord have been Ray Cornils and Margaret Harper. For Music Composition, I have studied with Daniel Sonenberg and Hans Indigo Spencer.

Currently my musical activities involve freelance composition, performing in a church, serving as accompanist for a local choir, and creating content for my Youtube channel.


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