My Goals for 2022

It has shocked me that two months have gone by since the beginning of this new year. I’m sure most of us have resolutions or goals, and while some may be easier to achieve than others, I find it may help to keep a constant list for reference. ‘Once written, twice remembered’ is perhaps a good anecdote, but I also feel that the more you write your goal or dream and keep it in mind, the more likelihood it has of coming true. Almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Therefore, what are my goals, you may ask?

  1. Keep learning more music! I have the ability to practice each day, usually for a few hours. Each morning I think of what to practice, and I always begin with my scales. Reading music is easier for me nowadays; sight-reading used to be such a huge challenge. Lately I have taken a liking to the music of Handel and Pachelbel.
  2. Keep writing more music! Sadly I have been suffering from writer’s block, and not only in terms of composition but also here with my website. My apologies. One cannot force an idea…to overcome writer’s block, maybe all it takes is time. Baroque composers did not have the luxury of ‘waiting for inspiration to strike’ like Mozart or Beethoven may have, but then again they also didn’t have to worry about bills or buying groceries or preparing dinner. (Are these excuses or explanations?) Granted, they could spend all day composing and practicing music (or is this speculation on my part?) because is was their full-time day job.
  3. Earn more money through my craft! Either by selling my sheet music or through your generous donations, it is my goal to be a working musician. This can be achieved online, either through the explained methods above or even earning money via my Youtube channel. After all, I have surpassed 1,000 subscribers, and all I need is watch hours in order to be monetized! But online methods are one way; getting more work in-person is a goal of mine as well. And while we are in the middle of this situation with the virus, this may be difficult to achieve but I will remain steadfast. Also I should refer my page on as well!
  4. Gain recognition for my work, both online and offline! Offline this may be difficult; who wants to hear a quiet, long-haired fellow like myself announce that he is a composer and keyboardist? In places like a bank or grocery store? Word-of-mouth may be complicated, and yes, online promotion is easier. Sometimes though social media is draining, and keeping up with it is a chore. Regardless I would like to collaborate with musicians, online and offline, in whatever way possible. Already I play music from living composers; from Frank Frontera to Tamsin Jones. In turn, my music has been played as well!
  5. My final goal, and perhaps it may be a pipe-dream, but one of my oldest goals has been to record and release a CD of solo keyboard music. Any way I could achieve this has yet to be discovered; I lack equipment and an available instrument. Ideally I’d record my own suites or other pieces for keyboard, but perhaps I could release an album consisting of new and old Baroque music! How this could be brought about, I do not know; all I can do for the time being is practice and hone my skills each day for as much as possible. Either grants or crowd-funding may be an option…

Thank you for reading! Well wishes to you all.


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